We have what it takes to build a better world.

Hi, I'm Beatrice. I'm a writer and climate justice organizer based in the Philippines. I'm the author of The Very Best of Us, a weekly newsletter about believing, perhaps more some days and less during others but believing nevertheless, that we have what it takes to build a better world.

I've been chronicling my personal life on the internet since I was fifteen. Navigating through teenage angst, then-undiagnosed depression and the tendency to overshare the most intimate details of my life to total strangers, I've found that I feel most centered when I am able to write regularly.

In the twelve years that have passed, I found myself working in social movements. I'm constantly getting inspired by youth activism, community narratives, and radical hope amidst disasters of every scale and kind. These days, I've been writing on my grief and breakthroughs about living and organizing amidst a world going up in flames. You can find some of my recent published writing about climate change and COVID-19 here.

The Very Best of Us is about tending to ourselves and our communities while being a little more forgiving of all that makes us human as we confront the biggest crises and social shocks of our time. It is about leaning into vulnerability as a practice, finding strength in tenderness, and holding our loved ones close as we hold out hope for people and planet.

In case it isn't obvious yet, The Very Best of Us is a love letter to everyone, but it is mostly also a love letter to myself. I hope you find a slice of yourself in here. Stay for as long as you like and share it with people you hold dear.

Most of this series will be free, but contributions are still very welcome via Patreon. Subscribers help pay to keep this site running. Thank you for your support.

Reach me through hello@theverybestofus.org or through Instagram, @thevbestofus.